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Strawberry Toothpaste Tablets - Compostable -124 tabs

Strawberry Toothpaste Tablets - Compostable -124 tabs

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FAMILY FUN WITH YUMMY STRAWBERRY, made with science-backed ingredients. Child-friendly toothpaste tablets with the summer sweetness of strawberries to introduce the whole family to eco-friendly habits.

With vegan nHAp, organic xylitol, and plant extracts for an effective clean and powerful protection. HOW TO USE — Break apart tablet with teeth and wet toothbrush. Brush against tablet pieces to create foam, and rinse when done. No mess, no fuss. Nothing but a fresh, clean feeling.

MADE WITH nHAp, a scientifically-proven alternative to fluoride. ✔ Prevent cavities ✔ Tackle sensitivity ✔ Strengthen enamel ✔ Support a white smile ✔ Protect gums

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL 100% Biodegradable 100% Natural Cruelty-free Non-fluoride alternative 100% compostable pouches MADE IN CANADA

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