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Standing Spruce

Smudge Ceremony Sacred Blessing Spray | 4 Oz

Smudge Ceremony Sacred Blessing Spray | 4 Oz

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Our smudge spray is not simply essential oils in water like other sprays. Tailored with chosen botanicals such as varying sages , cedars , and barks, are steeped for 2 days to create a concentrate, then filtered and adjusted to our specifications and practice. Each ingredient is hand picked, and each recipe takes anywhere from 2-3 days to perfect and bottle. Smokeless and convenient used where traditional fumigatory (smoke) means isn't an option, but invoking all the intent and benefits of traditional smudging. This product and recipe was developed through my traditional teachings with the energy and intention of clearing negative energy, spaces and people. Our practice goes back through time immemorial, and this 'liquid tool' is a powerful addition in all of my cleansing work ,past present and future. Mist sacred cleansing spray before or after a burning and smudge ceremony or on its own.

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