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Plant Perfect

Plant Perfect

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Plant lovers unite! Plant Perfect is an all natural plant health solution that promotes new growth, resolves most plant-related issues and repels pests with preventative use! Like all Silvapure products, the active ingredient is colloidal silver, a natural remedy that won’t release toxins into your airspace, but is as effective as chemical fertilizers and treatments. Safe for use with both indoor and outdoor plants and nontoxic for use around kids and pets!

With antimicrobial, antifungal and antiparasitic properties, say goodbye to unwanted fungus and pests, often in just a few treatments. Recommended use is a 1:10 dilution ratio with monthly watering (less often in winter), making the solution an economical and effective, yet gentle, natural fertilizer. For initial treatment of pests and ailments, mist foliage and soil at full strength daily, then move to dilution ratio for regular prevention.

While Plant Perfect might not save plants that are too far gone, regular use typically results in noticeable growth and improved plant health, often in just a few weeks. A hint of peppermint is an added bonus that will keep your space smelling fresh!

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