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Two of Earth Tallow

"The Sensitive" Signature Whipped Tallow Balm with Olive Oil

"The Sensitive" Signature Whipped Tallow Balm with Olive Oil

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100% grassfed/finished beef suet tallow, calendula infused organic cold pressed olive oil with no essential oils.

“The Sensitive” whipped tallow.

Our squeaky clean, unscented fluffy whip in a jar!

This clean whip comes in a fluffy consistency with all the nourishing and healing properties as “the Original” without the essential oils. Perfect for sensitive areas or areas needing extra special care. Because of its luxuriously whipped consistency, our whipped tallow is perfect for head to toe use. We love using the whipped tallow balm all over our body day/night or after a shower. “The Sensitive” whipped tallow balm is great used as a soothing nipple butter for breastfeeding/pumping mamas, on scarring from injury/surgery/c-section.

*pregnancy and breastfeeding safe*

For sensitive, oily, acne prone skin please use our Premium Whipped Tallow balm.

**since there are no essential oils in this balm, please note that there may be a faint scent of beef fat. We are all bio individuals and what some may find a pleasing scent, others may not find it so. We have purified our tallow 3x which helps to reduce the beef scent greatly and many mention our unscented balms actually smell like vanilla (we don't add vanilla) while others think they smell like a steak and prefer our scented balms.**

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