Household Vinegar 12% or 20%

12% vinegar is a moderately strong vinegar with an acidity level of 6-7%1. Here are some uses for 12% vinegar:


Cleaning: You can use it to clean various surfaces, including windows, sinks, appliances, glassware, and cutting boards. However, be cautious, as vinegar can damage certain materials if used improperly2.

Cooking: While 12% vinegar is not commonly used for culinary purposes, it falls within the typical acidity range for most vinegars. You can incorporate it into recipes, salad dressings, and marinades1.

Weed Control: Although 12% vinegar is not as potent as higher acidity vinegars, it can still be effective for weed control. Use it in larger amounts to tackle unwanted plants in your garden.

Remember that vinegar is acidic, so always follow safety precautions when handling it. For more specialized tasks, consider using stronger vinegars with higher acidity levels. 


20% vinegar is a highly concentrated form of vinegar that can be used for a variety of purposes around the house and outdoors. Here are some uses for 20% vinegar:


Cleaning and Disinfecting: It’s effective for cleaning windows, countertops, and appliances. It can also disinfect surfaces due to its antibacterial properties1.

Gardening: As a potent herbicide, it can be used to kill weeds in your garden2.

Pest Control: It acts as a deterrent for pests like ants and spiders2.

Laundry: It can brighten laundry and remove stubborn stains1.

Deodorizing: Vinegar can neutralize odors; just leave a dish filled with vinegar in the room until the smell dissipates1.

Dissolving Rust: Apply vinegar to rusted items to help dissolve the rust1.

Remember to use it with caution, as its high acidity can damage certain surfaces like natural stone, and it should not be mixed with bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or baking soda in a closed container due to dangerous chemical reactions. Always dilute it appropriately for the task at hand to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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