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Cat Lady 350ml Natural Shampoo

Cat Lady 350ml Natural Shampoo

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NATURAL, EASY, LONG HAIR. Have effortlessly healthy hair that is shiny, clean & free of build-up, leaving you with hair that grows as quickly as wildflowers. SMOOTH, SWEET & CLEANSING Coconut, Pineapple, Vanilla & Cocoa. COLOUR SAFE | BOTANICALS | VEGAN | REFILLABLE | NO SLS OR PARABENS | NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE Formulated to be used as a pair with Cat Lady Conditioner. SHAMPOO | BODY WASH | BUBBLE BATH Made with 100% natural and wholesome ingredients, this shampoo will cleanse your locks while also delivering key nutrients for your longest, healthiest hair. MADE WILD IN THE WEST. In the Canadian Rockies, our custom bottles are crafted by local makers, filled at our friendly neighborhood lab, then shipped from routine HQ, all within a 5km radius. All natural ingredients, better for Mother Nature. Tested on human friends, never animal friends. This product is recyclable and, even better, refillable.

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